September 2010 Debbie says:
We have been taking our son, Luke, to Happy Faces since he was around 9 or 10 months old. He's now 2 and a half and still enjoys his time there so much that he spends half of the week asking to go there and see Claire (who runs it).
The children can learn through play, singing, dancing and craft. Every week there is an activity for them and you get to take something home that you child has made. At the end they get a drink, biscuit and raisins and have a sing and a dance.
Claire is absolutely brilliant with all of the children that attend, along with the parents.
We thoroughly recommend Happy Faces :)

Sep 2010 Suzanne W says:
Happy Faces is a wonderful group, and one that my daughter and I love to attend.  It's such a happy, clean, and safe environment with fantastic equipment.  Ellie gets so excited before we go and enjoys every second when we are there.  She is so proud of the crafts she creates and can't wait to show 'Daddy'! Claire is brilliant with the toddlers/children, she is full of fun and energy and has lots of patience.  She encourages the children but takes activities at each child's own pace.  We've been going to Happy Faces for the last 20 months and both Ellie & I have made lots of new friends.  It's a group I would highly recommend.  Thank you Claire! x

Sep 2010
Paula S says:
I started taking my twins to Happy Faces when they were 14 months old and they have continued to go until now when they are starting school. The sessions have changed as they have got older and have always held their interest, sparked their imagination and challenged them to explore their abilities and learn new things. Of all the places I took them to Happy Faces was the one where they were most relaxed as soon as they arrived, even my son who never wanted to be away from my side. They were very much at home very quickly and both found lots to entertain them. We have all enjoyed our time with Claire -the children have made friends, while I have shared a lot of laughs with the other mums. I have been very grateful to Claire for everything and would recommend Happy Faces very highly to anyone with preschool children.

May 2010
Claire J says:
My first experience of Happy Faces was 7 1/2 years ago when I took my first daughter Mia, and I couldn't wait to get back to the sessions when I had Isobel 2 1/2 years ago!  Always welcomed so warmly by Claire, who is so enthusiastic & passionate about what she does.  A lovely clean setting of educational toys, pretend play and arts & crafts to name but a few, for the children to go between as they wish, whilst learning through play.  Both my girls loved the craft activity and couldn't wait to see what they were going to make each week.  Isobel even tries to guess before we go!  She just loves Claire, gets so excited about going to Happy Faces and from a very young age would ask me every day "see Claire today?"  Even when she was 18 months old, I could only tell her 5 minutes before we got in the car because she couldn't wait to get there!  The singing really helps to build Isobels confidence and it's just wonderful to see her joining in with all the actions.  Thank you Claire, it's great to see all the childrens' "Happy Faces!"   

May 2009 Charlotte says:
Hi, I just wanted to give a big recommendation to happy faces.... we just had our sons 1st birthday party there on Saturday, it was fantastic... Kelly who did the party was great, she did singing, face painting (for older children as we had a few) and a great time was had by all. Claire is also fantastic as been to a group before the party and really enjoyed it.
Thanks to all the netmums who recommended it.

March 2009
Natalie says:
Just want everyone to know what a fabulous party my little boy just had at Happy Faces in Werrington. Clare was great and definitely takes a lot of stress out of it for parents!! I recommend it for anyone with children aged between 2 and 5 years!

July 2008 Louise says:
Hi I take my 2 1/2 yr old to Happy Faces in Skaters Way, Werrington. It is run by Claire and she has classes each day for different ages groups -18months to over 2 1/2yrs. They run from 0915hrs to 1445hrs. The sessions last for an hour and a quarter, it involves all sorts of types of play, which you might not want at home, water and sand. The play is the same each week but there is always a different type of craft activity for you and your child to sit and do together which is great fun. Leaves the messy play for there instead of home. The sessions ends with singing, dancing and then biscuit with some juice for the kids. My son loves it and I would 100% recommend it. Give her a call a very friendly approachable lady

April 2006 Caroline says:
In the Peterborough area I can recommend Happy faces in Werrington which does childrens' parties ideal for ages 2 & 3. This is a difficult age to host a party for and at Happy faces they have about 45 minutes of playing with various toys (all of which are beautifully looked after) whilst there is face painting going on. Then the organiser does singing time and parachute games. It is nice to go to a party where the children have chance to do something all together, rather than all running around independently at some play centre.