Happy Faces Child Minders/Nanny Group

The waiting room will be open from 3pm, with the session starting at 3.30pm.

Bring a picnic and there will be an indoor eating area (juice will be included in the price and hot drinks available for £1).

Singing time will be from 4.15pm followed by picnic time, or a snack of biscuit and raisins can be provided if preferred.

The outdoor area will be open if the weather is nice.

You are very welcome to stay as long as you like!

Please ask parents to set up the appropriate standing order (£25 per month for one child, £36 per month for two children or £47 per month for thee children).

If you bring 3 paying children, you own children can come for free (babies under 1 year old are also free). 

If this session is in addition to a normal session for your child each week, a reduced price will apply. Please pay cash on the day at £5 per child minder.