Practical Information

Thank you for choosing Happy Faces for you & your child (children). I hope you find this information helpful.

Daily Session Fees - The fees for the daily sessions can be found Here

NB a term's notice is required when you plan to leave Happy Faces but do feel free to discuss this with me if it causes you a problem.

Regrettably no reductions can be made for missed sessions including holidays taken during term time.  However for Mums with a new sibling allowances will be made,  please ask.

Birthday Parties at the weekend parties are very popular and you  are advised to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. More Information.
Fees for the private hire of Happy Faces can be found Here

Health & Safety - all Health & Safety regulations are strictly adhered to at Happy Faces but parents and carers are ultimately responsible for the safety of their children.

Coughs & colds are very frequent with children.  Please use your discretion regards attending, as long as the child is happy & not coughing too much, it should be fine. However, conjunctivitis & chicken pox are contagious so please check with your Doctor before coming to a HAPPY FACES session.

Potty training accidents are never a problem – I have plenty of 1001! Please ask if you need spare clothes.

Toys & Equipment - lots of people express an interest in where I find my toys & equipment. I source from many suppliers, craft exhibitions & web sites. However the main educational toy supplier I use is
Galt Education, and I am a supplier of K-Play International toys, please see their website for a vast selection of toys and novelties then contact me via email, website or phone for prices. Delivery is normally within two weeks.

Singing Time - occasionally a child does not enjoy the singing time.  If they do become upset please try taking time out - hold your child in the play area, they often settle & happily return to the singing group.  Please could I ask all Parents & Carers not to talk amongst themselves during the singing time!! – thank you.

 I am always happy to write down the words of a favourite song for you, during the session.

National Childbirth Trust - I always recommend the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) as a great starting point for meeting new people and for general information when you have children. 

- a super web site covering children’s activities in the Peterborough area is

Play-dough is very popular at HAPPY FACES.  It’s easy to make using the recipe below. 

2 mugs of plain flour
2 mugs of water
1 mug of salt
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
4 teaspoons of cream of tartar
Food colouring of your choice

 Put all ingredients into a pan & cook over a medium/low heat for about 10 minutes or until it forms a dough ball.  Allow to cool, then store in a plastic bag.  Do not put in the fridge.  It should last for ages!

Cornflour mixed with water is excellent for children to fill & pour with different sized containers. They can really enjoy getting messy! Empty a box of cornflour into bowl or baking tray.  Gradually mix in water until you reach the desired consistency.